Veterans Jobs Network

As part of my strategy to spread the word about my brand I’ve been pretty active in the use of twitter in the past few weeks. I slowly started following pages related to the military and in particular veterans. I’ve also been doing my part to re-tweet a lot of the stories posted by these profiles and I looks like my attempt to spread my name within the veteran community is working. Within the past few weeks I’ve have been getting a lot of follow request from veteran and military profiles that I previously didn’t know about. I’ve also seen a huge spike in visitors of this blog, so its nice to see the system of social media working in my favor.

One of the recent profiles on twitter to follow me was @VeteranJobs. When I receive the email alert I instantly followed them back and checked out their page to see what they were about. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a page dedicated to tweeting all sorts of job openings for veterans. I decided to follow some of the links and found out that all these link were all up to date and where actually really sought after jobs that would use the full potential of most veterans. In my short time on twitter I’ve never seen a resource page like this and like myself they were following and being followed by all the major military and veteran profiles mean these job listings could be potentially seen by thousands of veteran and soldiers. Also affiliated with this page is a site called Direct VA Loans their about section stats that “The Veteran Services Department of iFreedom Direct is here to support you in utilizing your entitlement to veteran and active duty benefits for your VA home loan, as well as to other government backed mortgage programs.” I looked into this site and they have really great customer satisfaction reviews on third party sites so I’m happy to promote these two resource sites in hope that veterans can use this to their advantage.


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