Employers Seeking to Hire Veterans

With the U.S. military gearing up to reduce its forces by 100,000 to 200,000 in the next five years I thought I would again focus on the challenges of veterans finding jobs outside the military but also the challenges of employers wanting to hire veterans. For an employer looking to hire someone out of the military it can be very difficult for them to understand what skill sets they have and where they would be best placed in a company. If you have never been in the military it’s very difficult to understand the culture and work environment that these veterans come from. Even their resumes might look a little cryptic with all their jobs being listed as MOS’s which make paring them with a proper civilian job a bit challenging


But with all these barriers that block veterans and employers from seeing eye to eye employers still know that their is value to be gained from having veterans work in your company. Veteran have the ability to be model employees. Because of their training and culture veterans are drug-free, healthy and physically fit. They also demonstrate high work ethic and discipline. Through their time in service these veterans are mentally tough and resilient and have a proven capacity to learn and adapt to new things.They also know how to be led and how to lead. Whit all these skill sets and personality traits it is now the employers taking that first step to better educate themselves about how to create a welcoming front for veterans to find their way to these companies.

Employers are now starting to learn how to effective place veterans that will best utilize their skills and personal trait to further the company. By nature of the military culture and environment most veterans are perfect for handling management roles in companies and are able to handle stress better at higher level positions then employees that have not served. With this new transition into seeking veterans and being more proactive companies are also utilizing their current employed veterans to develop a more veteran friendly corporate environment


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