Student Veterans

A major issue facing our veterans have been the recent employment rates of the past few years. Like I’ve stated in my other posts national unemployment rates are significantly higher for veterans than it is for non veterans. It has been noted that many of our current veterans enlisted in the military right out of high school post 9/11. Because of this trend veterans of this war are exiting the service with no prior experience in the civilian workforce and with very little to none continued education after high school. Being the way our economy is currently declining this makes it very difficult for a veteran to find work when all they have is military experience and a high school diploma.

Because of the unsettling rise in veteran unemployment the government have put pressure on the colleges and institutions in this country to improve their veteran services and programs to create a more welcoming and understanding environment for current and incoming student veterans. The first major step to make this happen was with the activation of the GI Bill which gave active duty veterans the proper funds to go to college and further their education. Colleges would also get some benefits to recruiting veterans because some of that government money would help fund college projects and make its way back to strengthening the veteran services on campus. It has also been found that student veterans who go to college with the help of government aid have a high graduation rate then those of their peers.

Over 2 million Americans have served over in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of these veterans have ambitions of getting a degree. If we put a fraction of these hard working men and women back into our economy with skills and a degree from a university it can only help improve our economy and get our country back on the right track. Also veterans that further their education minimize the risk of becoming homeless and having to live off of financial aid for the rest of their lives.


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