Mandatory Reverse Boot Camp

If you’ve been following me on Twitter lately you probably have noticed that a lot of my tweets have been about this issue of having a reverse boot camp. This program is meant to help soldiers better transition into living back in a civilian atmosphere. In the past the military had offered only a three day reintegration course that was mandatory and hadn’t really been improved upon for nearly 20 years. President Barack Obama seeing the need for improvement has announced a new five to seven day mandatory reintegration program for all personal who leave the military except for a few senior servicemembers and some troops with immediate work opportunities.

The new program criteria will cover tips on basic budgeting, resume preparation, dealing with family and friend adjustment issues, and translating military skills into a civilian environment. The program will also offer additional lesson on going to college, applying for civilian job, or starting a business from the ground up. The program isn’t expected to be fully up and running until late 2013 but 7 major military bases have already began the transition to the new program. 300,000 troops are projected to go through this program annually once it is fully operational.

In the past few years young veterans have had a higher average of unemployment than the rest of the nation. But with these new exit reintegration programs about to come online and the increased tax credit incentives for corporations to hire our nations veterans, hopefully this will reverse the trend of unemployed veteran and in turn begin to strengthen our nations economy.



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