The Appeal of Military Private Sector Jobs

On average over 250,000 service members leave the military each year, and a good majority of those don’t know exactly what they want  to do back in the civilian world. Some will go to college to further their education with the financial resource that the military provides them but others want to go into the work force right away. This is where we see issues with service members transitioning back into the civilian world. Military customs and courtesies usually fit into the business environment well and come off as being very professional but other things like military acronyms can be confusing to employers and might cost you a job if the question your ability to communicate clearly. Another issue services member face in their job hunt is the stigma of being “damaged goods” because of their struggle with PTSD. Its sad to think that our service members are viewed that way but I’ve heard that term more then once when talking with friends who have had issues finding a job.

Private Contractors in Afghanistan

Private Contractors in Afghanistan

With all these entry barriers facing our service member some of them will decide to go into the private sector of the military where day to day events are familiar to their time in service. Many think mercenaries when they hear military private sector but its way more than that. Private security forces make up a small chunk of what the private sector can offer. Some of the most sought after services from the private sector are logistics, construction, and medical. All of these job positions require some type of military or federal background in order to qualify which is perfect for veteran who don’t mind working in a combat zone. The military private sector is a great way to slowly transition from the military while still getting a sense of serving your country.


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