Post Deployment Stress Management

In essence this blog was created to discusses the current issues facing our service members who are exiting the military and about to enter the civilian workforce. From the obvious issues like the current economy I also want to look at some factors that my not be so obvious to why service members would have a hard time entering into a new career. In today’s post I’m going to look at post deployment stress and how that can effect you from getting a job and how it can negatively effect your physical and mental health.

When returning home from deployment everyone on some level is going to experience post deployment stress, it’s just the nature of the lifestyle. But what separates a healthy soldier from one who becomes a mental casualty is how they manage that stress within the first few weeks of being home. Most friend of mine that come home from deployment are usually rush into attending huge gathering either something low key like a BBQ or something a little more chaotic like bar hopping with friends. Whatever the event is there are usually people there who want to know about your experience and having to relive some of those events can be emotional and stressful. 

My advise to you would be to set boundaries in your mind about what is okay to share and what you would rather keep to yourself. It’s okay to not want to answer some questions, If they really are your friends and care about you they’ll understand. Also be open to other peoples views and opinions about the current wars. Listen to what they have to saw and then calmly reply about what you saw. To be honest the media has done a horrible job covering the war so give your peers some slack for misguided views.

If you do find yourself under a lot of stress there are many health ways to release the stress build up. One of my favorite ways to unwind is to do my usual workout routine and then to top it off I do some bikram yoga. I know a lot of guys may be resistant to yoga but let me tell you that it can be physically demanding if you put in the effort and also its a great way to just be with your thought for an hour and almost put yourself in a meditative state. If working out or sports doesn’t seem appealing to you then take up a hobby or something that you enjoy doing in your spare time. If all else fails and your still feeling stressed reach out for help. They are plenty of DoD resources out there for you to tap into and if you feel weird talking to a stranger reach out to any of your bothers or sister in arms. They know what you will be going through and are just as good as any resource to get help from.


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