Department of Veteran Affairs

The other day I was looking on my desktop at my industry new feed and I spotted a story about the alarming number of startup businesses that the Department of Veterans Affairs are rejecting to certify. At its core the Department of Veterans Affairs are supposed to be the resource that helps veterans get back on their feet after exiting the military but with their high rejection rate of applications and the numerous complaints from would be veteran business owners its forced Congress to take a deeper look into the issues.

Congress found out that over two thirds of the 7,200 companies seeking status as being owned by veterans have been turned down by the Department of Veteran Affairs. This high rate of turn downs obviously has a negative effect on the veterans who have worked hard to start a business in this tough economy.  When an investigation was done to see why exactly these business owners had been turned down they found out that in some cases applications we rejected solely based on suspicion that the applicants didn’t have the documentation to qualify them but they never dug deeper to gain evidence to back up their suspicion.

Even if the application made it pass the initial screening stage it was discovered that the process was too aggressive and that there was no consistent process in place to evaluate the applications further and that it was basically luck if you made it through all the screening and received certification.  The Department of Veterans Affairs said their process is aggressive do to numerous frauds that happened in recent months.

Whatever the case may be for the current system in place, it is obvious that they are neglecting the people the department was founded to serve. With all the recent lawsuits filed against them there is hope that the system will be revamped and more veterans will have the opportunity to grow their business.


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